All vehicles used are in possession of the required matriculation title and in compliance with the provisions in force concerning annual auditing. All vehicles are insured with the ceilings required by law.

Drincar srl vehicles are conducted exclusively by Company employees, provided with professional legal documentation, regularly submitted to specific examinations and examinations according to the law.


The offer is valid for 15 days. The customer must provide time and place of departure, return time, destination, any additional loading points or intermediate stages.

The Management reserves the right to change the price after having viewed the final travel program. The choice of the route, unless otherwise agreed, is at the discretion of the driver. Any changes in time or route during the service can be agreed with the driver. The Management reserves the right to charge the Customer for the cost of such variations, including those due to force majeure and not attributable to the Company.

Excess hours will be charged.

The rates, unless otherwise indicated in the estimate stage, include taxes and motorway tolls. They are not included unless otherwise indicated

ZTL ticket (limited traffic areas), parking, individual traveler tolls, ferries, tunnels, bridges. The Customer must provide the accommodation (in a single room) of the driver unless otherwise agreed. The driver’s meals will be charged for the sum of € 20.00 per meal if in Italy or € 25.00 if abroad, if not paid directly by the customer.


Reservations can be made personally at our offices, by e-mail, telephone, or via the website

Method of payment: Directly to the driver or direct remittance by bank transfer invoice view, under penalty of the application of legal interests.


No cancellation fee up to 24 hours before departure.

It will be at the discretion of the Management to quantify the penalty for cancellations from 24 hours before the departure itself.


No charge can be charged to the Company for:

  • theft or damage to the material deposited on board, except in cases of proven negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the Company;
  • failure to reach the destination or delays due to force majeure (impracticability of the roads, breakage of the vehicle, etc.).


At the end of the trip, the Customer is obliged to check the presence of any forgotten items on board.

Any objects found by our staff will be stored in our offices for a maximum of 30 days.


Any damage to vehicles caused by passengers will be charged to the customer.


  • Passengers are required to wear seat belts.
  • It is forbidden to consume food or drinks on board.
  • It is forbidden to smoke on board.
  • It is forbidden to load on board or in the boot flammable material or considered dangerous by the driver.
  • The loading of material other than personal baggage must be requested and authorized by the Management.


Any legal disputes will be the responsibility of the Court of Udine.